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Client Facing

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(on old orion)

Use the old orion Froxlor interface if your website hasn't moved to the new Orion and also if you have e-mail accounts/forwarders.

Use the new orion Froxlor interface if you website has been moved from the old Orion.

E-mail will be moving from the old Orion and Zeus shortly to the new Atlas service.

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Old MediaWiki

Search Help
When the icon changes it means when you hit enter (or click the icon itself) the search request will be sent to the place the icon represents.  The icon won't change unless you've completely entered something valid that the destination will accept.
ch 06745059
ch function office
st J6GKJ4J
anything you like
Open company by registration number in the Companies House register
Search the Companies House register by name
Lookup a Dell Service Tag
Anything else will get sent to Google for it to search

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